Before a cruise

What to bring?


  1. Sheet and pillow case and duvet cover or a sleeping bag.
  2. Warm clothes - fleece, warm trousers, warm hat etc. (at least two sets - in case of getting wet).
  3. Oilskins.
  4. Sailing gloves with short fingers (for work with ropes).
  5. Medication (please include a description of use if you are on medication).
  6. Passport or identity card (a document used at registration for a cruise). We suggest that you take two documents due to the requirement of leaving a document in ship's depository.
  7. Towels, cosmetics.
  8. Sports shoes, we recommend bringing wellingtons.
  9. We recommend bringing the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Participants for the duration of the cruise may purchase Allianz insurance:

Costs of medical treatment abroad: 18750 EUR;
Personal accidents insurance: 9370 EUR;
Luggage insurance: 140 EUR;
Civil liability of individuals in private life: 14050 EUR.

STS Kapitan Borchardt Sailing Yacht Statute


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