Karol Olgierd Borchardt Foundation was established in 2011 to commemorate life and work of Captain Borchardt. Polish sailors and Borchardt’s heirs founded this institution with a view to expand and popularize sailing as well as promote maritime culture and tradition. With highest consideration, the Foundation deals with dissemination of Captain Borchardt’s activities and of education concerning Polish maritime history, culture and tradition. Also many actions the Foundation undertakes are focused on sailing promotion introducing sailing as a way to find one’s identity, strengthen the character as well as accomplish or develop skills applicable in everyday life. There is more to being at sea than just remarkable adventure – it is a unique experience teaching self-confidence, responsibility, tolerance and mindful risk taking.

Under its programme the Foundation arranges workshops, conferences, trainings and competitions popularizing Polish marine and sail training. Sailing courses and training cruises are held in order to engage youngsters in meeting new challenges, gaining extra-ordinary experiences and deepen their adventurousness. The Foundation presents awards and partly finances participation in cruises and sailing camps as a mean of supporting children and youth. Through sailing the Foundation attempts to provide integration possibilities for disabled and socially-excluded youngsters.

Since 2014 Karol Olgierd Borchardt Foundation has been a Public Benefit Organization. All activities and goals included in its statute may be supported by 1% of tax granted and will be most appreciated.

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