STS Kapitan Borchardt cruises in the season 2020

Information for members of our cruises due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.


Dear Members,

We are aware of the situation related to the epidemic, but at the moment we do not anticipate any actions towards changing cruise plans. For your safety and our, of course we monitor on an ongoing basis and analyze the whole situation. We expect that in view of the preventive actions and measures undertaken nationally as well as across Europe within 2-3 weeks, the subject matter of the duration or termination of the epidemic and difficulties associated with the operation of sailing will be clarified.
At the same time, we hereby inform you that in the event of the occurrence of the rationele that the plan of the cruise may be at risk, we will inform you by email immediately. So please be patient, you will be kept informed on any changes.

With nautical greetings

Shipowners Office

STS Kapitan Borchardt